Carntyne and Cranhill Parish Church


Carntyne and Cranhill Parish Church serves the communities of Carntyne, Cranhill and Greenfield.  The church was formed on 7th January 2016 by the union of South Carntyne Parish Church and High Carntyne Parish Church and the subsequent union with Cranhill Parish Church in November 2022.

The new congregation uses the former High Carntyne church and halls, which are located in ‘The Square’ in Carntyne, and these are well used by both church and community groups. 

        Morning worship: Sunday 11am- 12 noon

The Explorers is our Sunday School for youngsters aged 3 to 12. The children start in church at 11.00am and after the opening hymn and a children's talk they leave together  for the Crighton Hall where they enjoy a programme of Bible stories, games and crafts.

Restrictions relating to in-person worship have now been eased and, from Easter Sunday, we have been worshipping together in the church.

‘The church is not a building, but is the people of God gathered together in worship and service’.

Carntyne & Cranhill church is a congregation within the church of Scotland and is here to help and support everyone who lives within our parish. You don’t have to be a member to attend worship on Sundays or to take part in church activities during the week.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the congregation please speak to the Minister.

A Baptism is an important event in the life of a family, and in the life of our Church family.  Baptism is one of the two sacraments recognised by the Church of Scotland, the other being the Sacrament of Communion.  Baptism allows the church to publicly welcome the person being baptised into God’s family. We believe that it is through being baptised that people are part of the worldwide church.

In the Church of Scotland, we practice infant baptism, as well as adult baptism. If you would like to know more about Baptism for yourself or for your children, please contact the minister who will be happy to discuss it with you.

A wedding is an important occasion in the life of any couple and we welcome any enquiries regarding marriage in our church.

Anyone who is a member of Carntyne & Cranhill Church or who lives within the bounds of our parish may be married in our church. If you live outwith our parish, but have a connection with the church, the minister may also agree to conduct your wedding.

If you wish to be married in the church, please speak to the minister about her and the church’s availability before finalising the date.

A bereavement is a difficult time for everyone. People have many different feelings and emotions about what has happened. Grief, anger, relief, and thanksgiving are all common feelings. At the same time, when a death occurs, there are many arrangements to be made.

If you are a member of Carntyne & Cranhill Parish Church, or live within the parish you can call on the services of the Minister to conduct a funeral.

Before you make any decisions, it is important that you contact a Funeral Director who will guide you through the arrangements that need to be made. The Funeral Director will also act as the link between you and the Minister, as well as making any of the necessary bookings for the Crematorium or Cemetery.

The Minister will make arrangements to meet with you to discuss the funeral service after the date, time and venue have been agreed.